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3DS Max certified Trainer

Character modelling and rigging - instructor

2007 - Advanced 40hr workshop for modeling and rigging for cartoony characters held in Belgium. In 3D Studio Max. Geared for industry professionals.



Hi resolution sculpting in ZBrush - instructor

40 hr workshop held in Europe focusing on ZBrush workflow for hi resolution sculpting for next gen characters. Aimed at generating content for realtime games/ applications.

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3D Modeling with Maya 6 - 2004 ISBN 1-4018-4380-8

Game Development Essentials - 2005 ISBN 1-4018-6271-3

Video Game Art - 2005 ISBN 1-4018-4066-3

3D Animation with Maya 6 -2005 ISBN 1-4018-4818-4

3D Animation with Maya 7 -2007 ISBN 1-4180-5182-9

Animation from Pencils to Pixels -2006 Tony White ISBN 0-240-80670-0